Friday, June 25, 2010

OER interview 5, Chahira Nouira

Another interview in my series on international perspectives on open educational resources and this time I've had a chat with Chahira Nouira who works with e-learning at the United Nations University, Vice Rectorate in Europe in Bonn, Germany. We've had contact via Twitter for about a year so it was a pleasure to have a real discussion with her. We actually wanted to interview each other so it ended up being a dialogue rather than an interview like the others in the series.

Interestingly all but one of the interviews I've recorded in this series have been with people I have got to know through Twitter so there's yet another testimony to the tool's usefulness at work.

In the interview Chahira talks about the UN University's work in spreading open learning, in particular in Africa and we discuss the hurdles faced by the movement in trying to get educational leaders to commit to openness.

Watch the interview (opens in a new window)
See previous interviews: Steve Wheeler (Univ of Plymouth), Nadhir Douma (e-Taalim), Stian Håklev (Peer2Peer Univ), Marit Synnevåg (Oslo - interview in Norwegian)

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