Friday, August 20, 2010

Augmented reality meets print

Print media is under some heavy fire at the moment with devices like the iPad hoping to push the business over to digital format. Certainly digital versions of popular magazines on a high definition screen will open up many exciting new avenues but will there still be room for the print editions? The following video presents an unlikely link-up between the hi-tech world of augmented reality and a print magazine.

German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin has teamed up with augmented reality developers Metaio to produce the first print magazine that can be viewed through an AR application in a smartphone. The whole concept is still under development and the features shown in the video are merely a taste of what will be possible in the near future. Now, when does all this hit the education sector?

Soon after writing this I found another magazine also using AR this month, Time Out New York. See article Time Out New York premiers mobile augmented reality cover.

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  1. Great video! Is this an app that is only available of the iphone or is it also out for the android phones as well?