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I started this blog back in 2008 as an experiment to see what blogging was all about. My idea was simply to use it as a place to write my thoughts on developments in e-learning and comments on interesting articles that I read. If anyone else found this interesting then that would be fun. It has grown steadily since then and so far (summer 2020) has had over 900,000 page views according to Google and that is way more than I could ever have imagined.

I don't aim to be highly controversial or outspoken here. I find interesting articles, news items or reports and add my comments or thoughts on them, preferring to offer questions for consideration rather than clear-cut answers. I hope I provide a balanced view of some of the trends in the use of technology in education.

In case you have ever wondered about the blog's name ...
The corridor of uncertainty is a term used in cricket to describe a target area that bowlers like to aim at. A ball that flashes past the batsman just at the right height and width to be tempting to hit but also dangerous if you don't hit it exactly right. The term was coined by legendary England batsman Geoff Boycott, now TV and radio commentator, and has become a cricketing catchphrase. The photo on the blog of a particularly uncertain corridor was the corridor leading to the office I worked in back in 2008 so the title seemed appropriate.

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