Monday, April 4, 2011

What tech will we laugh at in 2031?

This old cellphone ad from over 20 years ago certainly makes me smile since I remember when gigantic brick-sized phones were status symbol number one and the ultimate executive accessory. I remember in the early nineties a mobile operator claiming that in the future everyone will have a cellphone and how nearly everyone scoffed at the idea. "Who needs a mobile phone," they would say, "why don't they invent something we really need:"

So much for needs analysis. If we based all research on what people think they need we'd be still in caves. Innovation involves thinking ahead of everyone else and daring to invest in things people don't think they need. I wonder what we'll think of today's innovations twenty years from now.

This film and many more vintage dellphone ads are avaialble in a feature on Mashable, 10 hilarious vintage cellphone commercials.

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