Thursday, May 31, 2012

Augmented reality makes print go 3D

Too much discussion of technology is built on the conflict between old and new as if the two cannot coexist. Digital technology is seen as sweeping away traditional media; analogue versus digital, books versus e-books, learning versus e-learning etc. This polarization creates the view that digital and analogue are mutually exclusive. Studying online does not rule out meeting face-to-face but it provides a way to study and communicate when face-to-face is not feasible. Studies indicate that people who are active in social media are more likely to also have very active social lives offline. The one does not rule out the other and in many cases the digital can enhance the analogue instead of replacing it.

A good example of this is Augmented Reality which is increasingly used to enhance print media in increasingly more inventive applications. Take a look for example at this new service called Blippar. Using a smartphone you can see 3D extensions to magazine pages that let you access more information, see videos or see animations. It is also used to make packaging come alive, by viewing your breakfast cerial packet through a smartphone and seeing cartoon characters come to life or accessing more information about the product. Have a look on the Blippar site for more film examples.

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  1. It is an interesting development. Also, since I don't have access to a magazine with the logo, I have tried it on web pages with the logo. That is, aim your phone at the computer screen, and see to that the camera sees the logo, AND it worked :) last at one web page...