Sunday, September 19, 2010

Web video key to innovation

Having been reared on TV and film most of us find video an excellent medium for learing. We learn by watching and imitating and printed media are simply not very good at that. Video on the web has exploded in recent years and there are predictions that 90% of all web content will be video in a few years from now, The power of YouTube and suchlike is that someone with talent or an idea can communicate it with potentially millions of others and in turn inspire others to further develop the idea.

This is the theme of Chris Anderson's recent inspiring TED talk, How web video powers global innovation, embedded below. He shows examples of how ideas have spread thanks to the web and how innovative ideas from all over the world can be highlighted as never before.The implications of this movement for education are for me clear. Why then is the education system often so sceptical towards the role of technology? Fear of losing control?

Watch this in combination with Sugata Mitra's TED talk from a previous post and you get a new perspective on how technology can radically change education.

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