Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have far too many passwords, PIN-codes and user names. There are tools for keeping them in order but I haven't really come to terms with them either and they, of course, demand a user name and password. I try to keep things simple by using variations on a theme when it comes to passwords but the real problems occur when I try to log into a service that I seldom use. Now what password did I choose for this one? Sometimes I know the password but what user name did I have? I remember reading a few years ago that the most popular password on the net was, wait for it, PASSWORD! Now that's easy to remember.

Now I see that there is a campaign in Australia this week to encourage people to focus on net security, National E-security Awareness Week. The site has simple tips on how to improve your security as well as a video presentation. The message is to use more secure passwords, change them twice a year, use a security tool and update it regularly and to think before you click on ads, e-mail offers etc. Seminars and events are being arranged all week around Australia to focus on this.

We all need reminding about these issues and the Australian campaign is a fine example for other countries to follow. The problem is implementing all the good advice. My passwords probably need beefing up but how on earth am I going to remember them all?

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