Saturday, May 21, 2011

Build your course with open resources

I've just discovered a tool that seems to have enormous potential for more adventurous teachers who want to teach with open educational resources (OER). It's called OER Glue and it enables you to build a course around open content from a wide range of sources. The idea is that OER Glue provides a course structure similar to that of an LMS and you simply select the resources you need and "glue" them together. You don't need to embed or copy the resources you need, they stay on their original sites and you simply show them in their original setting. In this way, if a resource is updated, it is updated on your course and in that way you ensure that all resources are relevant. You can mix all kinds of resources: texts, video, audio and photos. OER Glue provides the framework for you to link the resources into a coherant course.

Could this be a way of bypassing the standard university LMS and creating a more dynamic course structure? Could this be a breakthrough in helping more teachers use OER more effectively? It certainly looks promising.

For a more detailed review of OER Glue read Trent Batson's article in Campus Technology, OER Glue: 'Use Open Education Resources Where They Are; Integrate With Everyone'.

Have a look at this introduction video.

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