Thursday, June 23, 2011

EDEN 2011 in quotes

As an attempt to sum up some of the themes of the conference here's a selection of quotes in no particular order. I hope they are all accurate but if I have misquoted please let me know. Any other good ones you can add?

Why is there no Nobel prize for education? (Alfredo Soeiro)

Competency is not a thing, it's a cultural construct. (Graham Attwell)

If you're not working with mobile apps, you are out of touch with progress. (Dennis Pamlin)

Valuing learning for all. Everywhere and in any mode. A dream? (Alfredo Soiero)

We are only in the opening chapters of the transformation of education and social transformation by technology. (President Mary McAleese)

Education should disrupt as much as it should build. (Graham Attwell)

The future is not widely distributed, so it's not here yet. (Paul Kim)

Education should be open and adaptable, designed to suit the pace and place of the learner. (President Mary McAleese)

Many still consider that quality in education is synonymous with exclusivity ... the notion of an open university, that measures its success by the number and variety of people that it includes, is deeply threatening. (Sir John Daniel)

Have you seen a power socket in here? (me)

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