Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Webinar - The missing link: connecting formal and informal learning

Next week, on Friday 16 September (09.45 - 11.15 Portugal time),  I'll be moderating a session at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2011 in Oeiras in Portugal (see venue pic on right).

It's part of a theme called Alternative certification and validation practices and I've entitled this session The missing link – connecting formal and informal learning. It's basically about how new forms of informal collaborative learning can somehow be assessed and gain acceptance from formal education.

I've decided to extend the reach of this session by using the e-meeting tool Adobe Connect and that means that any of you can drop in and listen to the speakers and chat with us. I'm keeping it simple in terms of technical production, using a couple of laptops, webcams and an echo-suppressing microphone so it won't be a blockbuster production.

Here's the description from the conference program:

The missing link – connecting formal and informal learning
The net offers enormous scope for informal learning and several interesting initiatives are attempting to provide frameworks for collaborative, student-driven learning, for example MOOCs, open courseware etc. In this session we will spotlight just a few of these initiatives and discuss how such informal learning can be assessed and certified and whether the formal higher education system can find ways of integrating these alternative structures. Representatives from OER University (Wayne Mackintosh), Peer 2 Peer University and Open Badges project (Erin Knight) and OpenStudy (Chris Sprague and Preetha Ram) will participate.
The session will take the form of an open webinar via Adobe Connect Pro with participants both at the conference and on the web. Speakers will have video feed but individual participants will be able to interact via a chat function. The virtual room will be opened to the public about 15 minutes before the start of the session and participants only need to click on this URL and log in with their own name.
The Adobe Connect room and technical support is provided by SUNET, the Swedish University Computer Network.

Watch the sessions


  1. I could not watch the session live - but is there a recording available please? Thank you.

  2. Mark - Just posted them. Thanks for the reminder!