Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mobiles for learning

Many of us have known someone who gave so much attention to his mobile that even if you were in the same room the only way to get his attention was to phone him. That way you couldn't be interrupted. Back in the nineties there was plenty discussion about mobile etiquette and everyone had stories of irritating ring signals in embarrassing situations. Fifteen years later and mobiles are still our most compulsive distractions.

However the potential of mobiles for learning is enormous. Students are today online round the clock and although much of that time is spent on social activities it is time for schools and universities to move into the mobile space. Many are already there but there's still a great degree of suspicion amongst faculty about the potential of mobile learning. The following infographic gives a hint of this (click on the picture for a full screen view).

Mobile Studying & Online Flashcards on Smartphones [Infographic]

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