Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open high school

With all those open educational resources available out there it's no surprise to see brave attempts to create net-based schools or universities around them. Previously I've referred to the projects University of the People and Peer 2 Peer University and now I've found a high school in Utah that is completely on-line and uses OER. It's called the Open High School of Utah, a public high school and free for all residents of the state.

The idea is to use existing learning objects as study material sewn together by teachers available via the learning management system and e-meetings. They offer students free computers and individualised curriculum and presumably the students are expected to study completely from home. I assume they are somehow connected to a more established school but that is not clear from the website. They've just closed applications for the first semester and it will be interesting to see how the school develops.

The freedom and creativity of this kind of school gives a new dimension to home study students and those living in remote areas. How they develop sporting activities and foster group work is not obvious on the net. The experience of attending a real brick-amd-mortar school with all the social contacts, sports and networking will not be replaced by the virtual high school but the future will undoubtedly offer many hybrid forms.


  1. Hello! I am the Director of the Open HS of Utah and ran across your blog post recently. We are working on revamping our Web site so check back toward the first of the year for better, more intuitive information. So far the school is doing extremely well with 125 9th graders.

    Incidentally, my brother lives in Sweden and is an SVP at Nespresso.

    Nice to e-meet you! Thanks for the shout out on your blog.

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  3. The goal of the Open high school of utah is to further the focus of our school mission- by putting the emphasis on the student. All students have different needs, and even in an online environment, we feel that those needs can and should be met.