Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogging in a nutshell

Every time I check my flow of Twitter messages I discover at least one useful link. Last night several people recommended a disclaimer of all things. Could this be the first disclaimer ever to be actually worth reading?

It appears on Chris Lott's blog Ruminate and is actually a justification of blogging in general. He basically writes that his blog is not an academic publication, it represents his spontaneous thoughts and opinions and as such he is liable to sometimes contradict himself and reconsider his previous opinions. The reader must accept these conditions and not see the blog as any more than a representation of the writer's thought process; sometimes logical and measured, sometimes chaotic and confused.

I think most people who write blogs could easily paste this disclaimer on to their sites.
For another very convincing reason to keep blogging, have a look at Seth Godin and Tom Peters in a recent interview (YouTube video).

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