Friday, November 19, 2010

Digital blackout

Why is mobile data roaming still so expensive? Every time I cross the Swedish border I have to cut myself off from the net and practice digital celibacy unless I can find a free wifi zone. Yesterday on a train to Oslo I sat watching all the other passengers communicating on their smartphones and laptops. Why is it several times more expensive for me to access the same services as them from the same place? Do the charges match the costs and what is it that costs so much? Once I forgot to turn off my iPhone's settings for data roaming and let it merrily download e-mail and updates as usual. The bill came as a reminder not to do that agian.

As I leave the country I cut off all lines of communication apart from texting and the occasional phone call. I've tried buying local top-up cards but it's all a bit of a fuss and I long for the day we can just use our devices wherever we go.

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