Sunday, November 7, 2010

Misconceptions about online learning

Here's another good presentation that I'd like to pass on, The five big mistakes in virtual education. It deals with the main misconceptions that people have about net-based education. The slide show is self explanatory and is worth clicking through. The main mistakes pointed out are:
  • Online education means mass education. You can have a lot of students on an online course but it won't work unless each one is treated as an individual.
  • Online education is often seen as complex and mysterious. It's still about human relations and communication. A good teacher will be good in any environment.
  • Putting technology before pedagogy.
    "Technology is the tool that helps the teacher create materials to share with the student."
  • Underestimating your teachers and students. Standardised, closed-in tools stifle creativity and openness.
  • Taking the fun out of education.Many online courses are dull industrial processes full of mechanical modules and self-tests.
    "Education shou.d be accidental, unpredictable, unscripted."
I'm not so fond of the term virtual in this case as it tends to imply an inferiority to the "real thing", whatever that may be. Learning can take place in many different environments and is no less real if it takes place on the net. However take a look through this and see what you think.

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