Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me and my iPad

When do people use tablets/iPads and when do they use laptops? This is discussed in an article I've just read on Google called Consumers on tablet devices: having fun, shopping and engaging with ads. They've surveyed the habits of tablet users to see what they do with them and when. The result is that tablets are mostly used at home for entertainment, reading and social interaction whereas the laptop is generally for work. Tablets are often used whilst doing other things, like watching TV or eating breakfast and we like to carry them around the house. However whenever we walk out the front door it's the laptop we generally take with us. It seems the tablet is finding its niche and that it isn't replacing the laptop, simply complementing it.

I've got the entire Apple family to help me through the day: iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook (honest, I'm not an Apple devotee, it just happened that way). All of them are at least a year old so I can't impress anyone anymore but it's interesting to reflect on how they are used. I too only use the iPad in the house, mostly for social media, especially flicking through news feeds and social networks via the excellent Flipboard. The laptop however is almost exclusively a work device but I take it almost everywhere since I try to be as paper-free as I can and I take most of my notes on the laptop.

If I try to rank my devices in hours of use the laptop is way out in front followed by the iPhone and then the pod and the pad bringing up the rear. They all get used but since I spend a lot of my life at work then the two most useful work devices get the most attention. The pad and the pod are almost exclusively for free time. I expected the iPad to replace the laptop and would still like that to happen but so far I haven't been able to fit it into my work routines other than for reading and browsing media. But now I realize I'm not alone in that respect. How about you?


  1. Current tablets do not possess either enough RAM or memory to run games, complex programs, etc. If/when they become capable of doing these things, they may replace laptops. Of course, it is possible that laptops may always stay one step ahead of tablets in regards to this issue. Namely, tablet makers may never be able to upgrade the processor power quick enough to meet the usage needs of new software.

  2. I do agree what Anthony said, I usually play games on my Laptop, i have Apple Tablet but it couldn't give me satisfaction. I agree with you that Laptop are meant for work but It can be used for entertainment too by attaching joysticks to it.

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  3. Many are waiting for the ultimate one-size-fits-all solution but in the meantime we will need different devices for different purposes.
    And I remember when we had one black and white TV in the house :-)